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Peter Greistorfer

"Darling, finally, I mean ..." (Termination based on a number of non-improving iterations.)

Joshua Snyder

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again … (Restarting in new areas to find better results.)

Things are moving too quickly … (Don’t be afraid to be thorough.)

Zbyszek Michalewicz

"Your brains and my beauty" (generate combinations based on different criteria, e.g. rigorous and esthetic, quantitative and qualitative).

Maurice Clerc

Don't know whether I can propose another one. Let us try:
"Don't do _that_ again ... at least not immediately" (Tabu search)

Maurice Clerc

May I offer you these flowers? (In case of dynamic or imprecise optimisation: reevaluate)

Paul Rubin

”Do you have a sister?” (Neighborhood search may pay dividends.)

Frank Grange

"Let's go to a bar separately and pretend I'm picking you up..." (Recast a difficult problem into a simpler problem with a more rapid convergence to a satisfactory solution)

Kenneth Sörensen

I'm not sure I'm ready for this. (Alternate between intensification and diversification strategies.)

Suvrajeet Sen

Timing is everything (If you need this explained, you need a lot of help!)

Paul Rubin

Since menage-a-trois is taken, how about:

"Bring a wingman." (Exploit parallel processing as appropriate.)

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